Kids pics to make you smile!

How can you not smile when looking at images of little ones. Kids of all colors, sizes, and ages are pure joy and unaffected by the negativity of the world around them. They bring happiness and light to anyone open enough to receive it.I love to look at images of smiling, happy babies and toddlers. They aren’t concerned about the way they look, who their friends are, or how they’ll fit in. They just want to play and be loved, and maybe find a cheerio on the floor once in a while!

We should all take a step back on occasion and try to see the world through the eyes of a child. Full of wonder and delight. The feeling of watching a child learn and discover new things, and how excited they are to just sit and play with a new toy or even a piece of paper.

Pleasure doesn’t have to be expensive, or flashy, shiny, or new. It can be smiling at a stranger. Opening a door for someone. Helping an elderly person carry a bag of groceries or reach something on a shelf.

Happiness doesn’t have to be something that takes a lot of your time. In fact, it can take a small amount of effort to make the day of another person worthwhile. Remember…you never know what struggles that stranger might be going through at the very moment you cross their path. Make it count!


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